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CLOSED: Ramadan Competition Winners Plus Another Giveaway

Meet Chef Osama and a signature recipe – courtesy of Braun

No point beating round the Braun bush, who’s soon going to be on their way to Atlantis Dubai’s Asateer Ramadan tent for an Iftar feast? Delia Pereira and Grace Fujimaki you’re two lucky ladies, each winning a voucher for two people. You’ll certainly find your favourite Iftar dish umm ali, Delia, plus plenty of milk and dates for Grace. Mabrouk and enjoy! Thank you to all participants. Read on for our next giveaway.

With Ramadan in full swing, we spoke to Egyptian-born Chef Osama, Dubai TV celebrity and also Braun’s culinary ambassador to tell us a little about his cooking philosophy for the holy month.

As people are fasting and time is precious, it’s even more essential during Ramadan that food preparation is simple, easy, convenient and versatile.”

That way, people can spend less time cooking and more time with their families. In particular during the holy month, I see a tremendous spike of interest from my followers on Dubai TV, my website and Facebook fan page. They really look forward to preparing every meal, whether it’s a simple dish for working families or a more elaborate feast.”

One thing that’s important to get across though is the fast should ideally be broken slowly with some dates and water, followed by some warm soup; essential for hydration.”

So with a little help from Braun’s Multiquick cordless hand processor to ease the prepping, you can cook up some of Ramadan’s signature dishes such as this Chef Osama recipe for falafel delights. Click here to read.

So would you like your very own Braun Multiquick cordless hand processor (MR 730) to see if this recipe is as easy peasy to make as Chef Osama says?
Well we have one worth AED 350 to give away to FooDiva friends in the U.A.E.

For your chance to win continue reading on FooDiva

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