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Ripe’s New Farm Shop in Dubai

Following on from the huge success of The Ripe Markets, Ripe is excited to open the doors to their new Farm Shop this Sunday 20th May, 2012 from 8am to 2pm.
In a city of mass malls and urban sky scrapers, the Ripe Farm Shop is one of a kind. It’s all about going back to basics by GROWING LOCAL, EATING LOCAL and SUPPORTING LOCAL. Based in the heart of Umm Sequim, you can find Ripe’s delicious and nutritious produce along with eggs, pulses, local cheeses, organic olive oils, fresh bread, gluten-free goodies and much more! They’ve also got some very moorish gourmet treats from further afield too.


Opening Hours:
Sun, Tue, Wed & Thurs 8am – 2pm
Mon 8am – 7pm | Sat 2pm – 5pm | Fri CLOSED
By the Mosque, on Street 11, off Street 8A, Al Manara.
For a location map, click here
Contact Details:
+971 4 379 0441 or by email sent to

What else?

Some items will be available for pre-order so you can guarantee that they’re fresh as fresh can be. Whether an organic chicken, breads, cheeses or some ravishing Ripe fruit and veg, just give them a call and let em know!

More info

Visit the Farm Shop section of Ripe’s website!

Why shop at Ripe?

    Because Ripe’s Farm Shop is like a good old-fashioned farm shop where you can buy LOCAL, SEASONAL, ORGANIC & FRESH fruits and veg.
    Because Ripe’s Farm Shop also stocks other household groceries from bread and milk to cheese and coffee as well as loads of other yummy scrummy stuff.
    Because Ripe’s Farm Shop is staffed by the Ripe team … that’s right, the small yet passionate team that have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make Ripe the brand that it is today.
    Because Ripe’s Farm Shop brings you something that we all miss from home … small, specialised shops in a friendly neighbourhood … community spirit at its best!
    No mass malls, no parking nightmares, no long queues, no horrid trolleys … just Ripe … in a lovely little shop. Day in, day out!

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