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St Patrick’s Day in Dubai

On Thursday March 17th, the Irish celebrate St-Patrick’s Day joined by many others across the globe. As early as the 17th century, the Irish have been wearing green ribbons and shamrocks on this day. It is said that Saint Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish, and since then, the shamrock has been the main symbol of St-Patrick’s Day.

These days, St-Patrick’s Day is celebrated by people from all over the world from as far as Australia to North-America. Some of the biggest St-Paddy’s Day parades can be found in Canada and the United-States; both countries are home to many with an Irish heritage. Most Irish Pubs across the globe will be celebrating tonight.

Dubai St-Paddy’s parties:

The Irish Village
“Two days of Celebration and pure Irish craic…
Where else to go than to The Irish Village when the spirit of Paddy’s Day comes to Dubai through its wide Irish community celebrating Ireland’s National Day!
A line up of music, dance shows and activities for everyone will be staged all through the weekend.
Irish bands and Irish dancers will perform on stage.”  Read more…

Arabian Ranches Golf Club
Plenty of fun and merrymaking is assured for all those who celebrate this well-known Irish tradition. Wear a big green hat and you won’t look out of place, in fact, you’ll fit right in with the singing, dancing crowd, all having the time of their lives.
Enjoy the ‘craic’ this St. Patrick’s Day.
Price: AED 120 per member / AED 150 per non-member.  Read more

“Sharon Corr, the stunning Irish songbird and musician will headline her debut in the UAE at the St Patrick’s Day celebrations with a live show at Meydan on Thursday 17 March.”   Read more…

McGettigan’s Irish Pub
“McGettigan’s Irish Pub at the Bonnington Towers Hotel is getting ready to open for the busiest week of the year and all during this week of celebrations; donation points will be available for party goers to donate whatever cash they can to the Red Crescent (Red Cross), the International aid charity.” Read more…

The Dubliners
“Celebrate this special festival in honour of the patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick.
Talented Irish musicians to entertain you this St. Patrick’s Day! ‘BLASTA’ the popular band from Ireland have something for everyone; from mixing driving Irish dance rhythms, haunting airs and songs to lively ballads.” Read more…

Happy St-Pat’s!

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