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Super Granny in Dubai

Andalene Salvesen is an international parenting coach, speaker and author of Raising Healthy and Happy Children who achieves amazing results through her world renown ed home visits.  This has earned her the title of “Super Granny”.  She will be coming to Dubai again during November and December. Now is the time to schedule a follow up visit if you received a home visit during May and possibly slipped into your old ways or take the opportunity to book a visit for the first time. Also invite your friends and join our talks!

A home visit lasts between 2 – 4 hours and are scheduled at 09:00, 13:00 and 17:00 daily.

Home visits and talks during this time can be booked via Ilse Marran on or +971 50 745 8289.

Below a list of the talks that we will be hosting in Dubai!

Thursday 24th November:  Tweens to Teens
8pm in the Gardens, Garden view villa 97, Behind IBN Battuta Mall
‘The calm before the storm,” the part that hormones play, boundaries with friends, TV,  sport and bedtime.

Monday 28th November: Coping with the dynamics of multiples
8pm in the Gardens, Garden view villa 97, Behind IBN Battuta Mall
They are all so different! Unique temperaments, equal discipline?

Tuesday 29th November: Sibling rivalry, tantrums, eating and sleeping problems
8pm in the Gardens, Garden view villa 97, Behind IBN Battuta Mall

Friday 2nd December: Shaping the Will without breaking the Spirit
7.30 Green Community West, 320 Camelia Way
Parents have such different styles of parenting.
There are 5 different styles that are appropriate at different times.

Saturday, 3 December:  Mom-and Daughter Pancake Morning
10am – 12pm Garden View Villa 97, located behind Ibn Battuta Mall
It is aimed at 9-15 year olds and their mothers to help them create and strengthen a precious bond at this very critical time in a young girl’s life.
They will learn about each other’s temperaments, develop a secure channel of communication with each other and learn how to sustain a fruitful relationship during the teenage years to come. This promises to be a memorable morning filled with fun and laughter!

Monday 5th December—Wednesday 7th of December
Topic for all 3 nights: Permission to Parent
7.30pm Kidville in JBR, call 044401220 for directions
Using time-out effectively, incentivising good behaviour, sensory and diet related issues.

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  1. kattin says:

    plzzzzz give me rply immedily

  2. Claire says:

    I have heard SuperGranny is are to Duabi in February.
    is she doing any talks anywhere?
    Thank you

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