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The Benefits of Pet Ownership

Health in pet ownershipOctober marks the beginning of Adoption month at Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Centre (RAKAWC). While adopting a pet can offer the unique kind of enjoyment that comes from owning a pet, there is mounting research that suggests that it can actually help to improve your health too.

Fitness is significantly improved in dog owners who are 34 percent more likely to complete the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. Having a family dog also increases activity among adolescents which is of particular importance where childhood obesity is at such high levels.

The simple act of gazing into an aquarium, or petting an animal, results in a drop in blood pressure and releases ‘good mood’ chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Some researchers have found that in hypertensive patients pet ownership blunted the blood pressure response to mental stress, while traditionally prescribed blood pressure medication did not.

‘Many people return to adopt a second animal because they feel that it enhances their quality of life’, say Shelter Manager Ellen Quanjer, ‘dog adopters find that it gives them a reason to get outside more whereas many cat adopters enjoy the relaxation of purring cats cuddled around them’.

Allergies are a widespread medical condition and can severely affect an individual’s ability to enjoy their lives in full. However, exposure to allergens during infancy, such as dander and saliva that are related to pets, can result in less chance of developing allergies later in life. This is because the immune system becomes desensitized to the allergens. Some research suggests that this stabilizing effect can happen even before birth.

Owning a pet can help you to get fit, be happy and live a longer, healthier life.

During adoption month all new adopters at RAKAWC will receive a voucher for one free grooming session as well as an additional 20% discount on our vet subscription package.

The cats and dogs at RAKAWC are all vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped and registered. All the animals undergo a behavior assessment and are socialized with people and other dogs or cats.

Dogs also undergo a basic obedience course.

If you would like to adopt a furry friend or find out more visit or contact Jenna on 0504321873 or

Moving a pet contact Move One Pet Transportation


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