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The Newest Kids Sports Craze to Hit Dubai – JorkyBall!

JorkyBall Tournament | 7 May | Football Center, Al Quoz

WOW! Coming in May 2012 the newest Sports Craze to hit Dubai! The British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates (BBG) presents for the first time in Dubai JorkyBall! 2 versus 2 version of football is fast paced and takes its influence from Squash! The BBG support business through sport and JorkyBall. The tournament will take place in a new purpose-built sport center in Al Quoz. Sure to be a great hit!

About The Game!
Jorkyball®, the two-a-side soccer in a cage originally invented, trademarked and brought to the attention of the public by Frenchmen Gilles Paniez and Pierfrancesco Iazeolla, is the new sports specialty that has its roots in traditional football, but that takes on a new and different meaning just thanks to its basic characteristics. The cage itself, of approximately 50 square meters, makes it possible for Jorkyball® players to combine the soccer technical competitive spirit with a leisure activity in the classic indoor facilities. Their own friends and even club members are easily invited to play and involved in the game, just thanks to the two versus two system.

Jorkyball® is played by four players! It is characterized by fast rules, into which tactics and logic are also integrated: the two versus two system; three sets at stake, seven goals needed to win a set. The goals are small, so as to make it possible for the players of each team to experience a complete gamut of situations. In order to ensure a well-balanced play even in small areas, the back can invade the opposing center field just to a limited degree. At the same time, the areas around the respective teams’ own goals are protected. In the following set, the players will reverse their own positions, maybe involving reserve players as well.

Specially studied facilities are envisaged, that is a flexible playing field meeting the requirements of a swift play; a game based on natural “cushions”, “cushions” regarded as new and unexpected team-mates, but also flexible walls that completely protect players in case of quick and sharp impacts.   F.I.J.A. co-ordinates the Sports Associations operating at a national level in the organisation of the sports activity both at an amateur and at a competitive level, through the exhaustive network of athletes and managers having membership cards and of associated clubs and sports centers.

BBG JorkyBall Tournament
Date: 7 May, 2012
Timings: 4 – 10pm
Location: Football Center, Al Quoz
Price: 300AED for a team of 4 (2 players and 2 subs)

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