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Trinidad & Tobago Xmas Fete

trinadad-and-tobagoFor many people all around the world – Christians and Non Christians alike – Christmas is always a special time of the year and despite the lack of snow and mistletoe, the Caribbean is not to be left out of the festivities. Everyone has their special traditions seen only in December.

The people of Trinidad & Tobago in particular – ‘Trinbagonians’ – pull out all the stops for Christmas! It begins in October and keeps going until it gives way to the Carnival Season which usually begins right on Boxing Day (December 26).

They stock up their homes with traditional food and drinks; most of the items they will only cook at this time of the year. It is understood that friends and family will just ‘drop by’ at any time, so they must be prepared. It is an absolute must to visit your true friends and close family during this time, or else they will not talk to you in the New Year.

Throughout the Caribbean, homes are thoroughly cleaned: new curtains, walls painted, everything that needed to be repaired all year long, WILL get done before Christmas Eve. New clothes will need to be bought and there is music and laughter everywhere. People are just happier at this time of the year – but it could be because of all the food, drinks and parties. There are office parties, house parties, parties in the park, parties on the street corners, parties on the beaches – just an on-going atmosphere of pure celebration. When they say it’s the ‘festive season’ they really mean it.

The Trinidad & Tobago UAE Committee is hoping to capture this wonderful feeling, in their Fete (the Trinbagonian word for a big, public party) at the Hyatt Regency on 06 December 2013. They would like to invite everyone to get their tickets now and come out and share our Caribbean spirit and help them bring a little bit of t heir world famous warmth and happiness to Dubai.


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