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UAE National Day 2011

2011 marks an important page in the story of the UAE: on the 2nd December 1971, the UAE was formed. For the past four decades Emiratis and expatriates alike have celebrated National Day with much pride and energy. The UAE’s 40th National Day celebrations are being planned as a 40-day programme recognising all aspects of the nation’s life and heritage. A great diversity of projects and events are in preparation at a federal, emirate and local level.

The programme sets out to involve the nearly 5 million people living in the UAE in spectacular events, community based activities and projects that satisfy long-term educational goals, as well as providing ‘bricks and mortar’ projects that will leave lasting and worthwhile memorials. The key objective is to collectively celebrate this important milestone for the nation and all the people that call the UAE home.

As we celebrate the 40th UAE National Day, we should reflect that there is a spirit that ties us all together. A spirit that enables millions of people to coexist and build lives together. It is a spirit that can be shared across a cosmopolitan community, and a spirit that everyone can play a role in sustaining. Each person defines, shapes, and shares this spirit in their own way.

This great nation was created by a few with the prosperity of many. It is now a nation that is made up of faces from different places, bringing with them important skills, culture and personalities from every corner of the globe. Living side by side together, under one spirit, working to help the nation continue to prosper and grow. The success of the nation today and tomorrow has been and will continue to be through the collective strength of the many.

For more information on participation or programme coordination in the 40th National Day Celebrations, please visit or contact

Also available on the official website are a number of Activities that you can participate in, such as;

Spot the 40
We’re celebrating the number 40 in a big way! Have you seen the number 40 around town? Maybe you’ve seen it on a street sign or your child designed a poster celebrating the number 40. Snap a quick picture and send it in to be a part of the ‘Spot the 40’ activity! The goal of this activity will be to create a collage of various visual representations that have the number ‘40’ on them in advance of National Day. Click here for more info or to participate.

UAE is my Home
Millions of people hailing from all over the world are proud to call the UAE home. In honor of the 40th National Day, they want to hear from you – just film a short video saying the “UAE is my home” and why you’re proud to be living in the UAE. Or send us your UAE stories and pictures expressing your UAE pride. Click here for more info or to participate.

About the Committee
The National Day Committee has been established to coordinate a National Programme of Celebrations on the occasion of the United Arab Emirates 40th National Day. The National Day Celebrations has always been a patriotic and social event that has a great impact on the citizens of the UAE. Therefore, the Committee’s role includes encouraging involvement in the programme by all government authorities, community groups, private sector, the public and the international community. In order to fulfill its mandate, the Committee oversees and coordinates the celebrations and ensures effective synchronization of activities across all partners.

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